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Double acting cylinder(CRR series), hydraulic return

Features: series of double-acting oil cylinders is with compact design, high pressure resistance, strong bearing capacity, light, easy to carry, and widely used.

Uses: It can work well in harsh environment and is suitable for long-term industrial applications. Play the role of push and pull in various application fields. Commonly used in machinery maintenance, ship maintenance, construction, manufacturing, machinery and other fields.
Series: CRR series
Warrenty: 2 years
System: double acting
Usage: General
Capacity: 10-500 tons
Stroke: 57-1219 mm
Pressure: 700bar/10000psi
Return: hydraulic return


Matching 3/8"-18NPT quick coupler and thread protection sleeve.

Wear-resistant guide ring prevents partial load on the piston, protects the piston rod, and prolongs the service life of the cylinder.

High-quality sealing ring: international well-known brand sealing ring, wear-resistant and anti-aging, can ensure that the hydraulic cylinder working for a long time.

The plunger limit structure is provided with a stop ring to prevent the piston rod from overextending, and can withstand full load.

The dust-proof sealing ring effectively prevents dust from entering the cylinder and prolongs the service life.

The piston rod is heat-treated, with high strength, and the surface is chrome-plated, which can effectively prevent wear and corrosion.

Cylinder surface treatment, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Equipped with a hard saddle, the plug-in installation is easy to remove, the top ring groove is anti-slip design, the top is quenched, the hardness is HRC45-50, wear-resistant, anti-extrusion and no deformation;

The cylinder has standard mounting holes and fixing threads for installation and use.

The double acting design enables rapid or controlled retraction of the piston for high efficiency.




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