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Electric hydraulic pump, single oil circuit solenoid valve, DBD-D2 series

Solenoid valve type, single oil circuit, with solenoid valve foot switch control.
Series: DBD-D2 series
Warrenty: 1 year


- Simple operation and wide application

- High and low pressure two-stage output, large oil volume

- The low pressure adopts the plunger type, which can increase the effective pressure

- There is an automatic protection function to ensure that it will not be leaked during use

- Pressure overload protection device to avoid damage to equipment due to overpressure

- Single oil circuit, electromagnetic wired remote control, suitable for various equipment such as cutting, piercing, bending, jacking, etc.


The pressure is set to 70MPa when leaving the factory, and the upper limit of the pressure can be adjusted according to customer requirements;

The tubing comes standard with a 2-meter-long one, which can be lengthened upon request;

Other specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, such as increasing the fuel tank, motor power, etc.

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