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Split hydraulic puller, 2 claw 3claw bearing puller, FCY series

three-jaw and two-claw can be replaced according to the needs of the field work
Series: FCY series
Warrenty: 2 years


HY series hydraulic puller is an ideal new tool to replace the traditional puller. It is suitable for round workpieces such as railway wheels for railway vehicle maintenance, mechanical installation, mine maintenance, detachable pulleys, gears and bearings. Flexible in use, light in weight, compact in structure, easy to carry, small in size, easy to operate, labor-saving, and free from site restrictions.



1. Pump body;

2. Jaw disc;

3. Spare seal;

5. Screws and nuts: 6

6. Pulling tab: 6

7. Claw: 3

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