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Manual hydraulic crimping tool, EP410

The EP-410|hand operated|compression tool features a two stage rapid advance pumping system. It accepts all U-type dies currently manufactured for 12 ton tools on the market.
Series: EP series
Stroke: 32mm


  1. For power cable conductors, oil pressure copper, aluminum terminals and connecting pipes;

  2. Hexagonal mold is used, the crimping is tight and the electrical conductivity is good, it is not easy to fall off and conduct heat;

  3. Two-stage high-speed, low pressure, rapid oil inlet, easy operation and convenient oil return;

  4. Rapid oil return by means of rotary extrusion;

  5. When the pressure reaches 700KG/cm², the designed safety protection device will have a "click" sound to warn the operator and stop the action;

  6. The crimping head can be rotated 180 degrees;

  7. Fiberglass operated insulating rod, withstand voltage 20K for 5 minutes.


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