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Hollow plunger cylinders, double acting(CRRH series), hydraulic return

Features: The hollow plunger enables the drawing bar or wire rope to pass through the entire hydraulic cylinder for lifting or jacking operations.

Uses: Suitable for all kinds of testing, maintenance and applications requiring tension.
Series: CRRH series
Warrenty: 2 years
System: double acting
Usage: Hollow hole
Capacity: 30-140 tons
Stroke: 38-258 mm
Pressure: 700bar/10000psi
Return: hydraulic return


The outer connecting thread is easier to install (except for some models), which is convenient for connecting with the structure;

Matching 3/8"-18NPT quick coupler and thread protection sleeve.

The dust-proof seal prevents dust from entering the cylinder and prolongs the service life.

The hollow plunger has high hardness, smooth surface, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

High-quality sealing ring: international well-known brand sealing ring, wear-resistant and anti-aging, can ensure that the hydraulic cylinder working for a long time.

Cylinder surface treatment, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, prolong service life.




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