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How to choose a hydraulic breaker for an excavator?

Issuing time:2021-05-06 14:34

After the excavator is equipped with a hydraulic breaker, it can be used for lightweight crushing and demolition operations, such as the crushing and repair of concrete pavement and cement pavement, but how to choose a suitable breaker is also a big question. The following briefly describes four key points:


A small excavator with a large breaker may cause the excavator to tip over. The efficiency of a large excavator with a small breaker is very low, and the breaker is easily damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an excavator and a breaker that match the weightto maximize the performance and the working efficiency of the machine.


The flow rate of the breaker determines the working frequency of the breaker, which in turn affects its striking force and working efficiency. When the output flow of the excavator is greater than the demand flow of the breaker, the hydraulic system will generate too much heat, and the components will be easily damaged if the temperature is too high, which will reduce the service life of the equipment; when the output flow of the excavator is less than the demand flow of the breaker, there is simply not enough Power-driven hammer operation. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an excavator and a breaker that match the flow.


top type hydraulic breaker and side type hydraulic breaker

The above picture shows the top type and side type hydraulic breakers. The structure of both is to use two thick steel splints to protect both sides of the breaker's body, but there is no protection for the front and rear sides. The structure of the silent type breaker is to completely wrap the breaker's body, and the shell is made of vibration damping material, which can not only slow down the vibration, prevent the breaker's body from loosening, but also reduce noise, and has excellent performance.


Because the installation point of the top type breaker and the excavator is higher, it has a larger working range, so it can play a greater advantage in horizontal and trench operations;

The installation point of the side breaker and the excavator is lower, so it is easy to lift, and its impact frequency is faster, so the work efficiency is higher in concrete crushing and rock crushing operations.

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