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WJB Hydraulic Breakers

WJB Hydraulic Breaker we deal in is made to last. It has various applications such as demolition, tunneling, construction, road building, quarrying, landscaping, mining etc. This is a powerful percussion hammer, used for demolishing the concrete rocks as well as structures. This is powered by a secondary hydraulic system, fitted with a foot-functioned regulator. WJB Hydraulic Breaker is a highly versatile tool, which has accessibility in different sizes as well as models.

WJB Hydraulic breaker have following features:

  1. TRACK-ABLE RAW MATERIAL: we make exact instruction to purchase department to source from fixed good quality steel material factory.And the Hydraulic breaker material should be track-able from the beginning.

  2. EASY TO SERVICE: With fewer parts integrated into the design, servicing the hydraulic breaker is both easy and less expensive.

  3. LOW OPERATING COSTS: High flow rates and low operating pressures minimize heat generation and hydraulic shock loading for smooth operation and maximum service life for both the carrier and breaker.

  4. REDUCE NOISE LEVELS Boxed housing keeps the noise levels down, essential in high-density population areas.

  5. OPTIMIZE PRODUCTION: Rockbreaker-mounted manual stroke selector valve optimizes power and speed, giving you options for different applications.

  6. EXTREME DUTY & WEAR BAR KIT OPTION: The extreme duty and wear bar kit offers additional protection to the wear and tear of your rockbreaker with a factory appliction of cast abrasion strips and wear resistant plate with rock claws.

  7. Successful hydraulic breaker distributor support policy including financial, sales and training service.


WJB hydraulic breakers specifications:


WJB Hydraulic breaker Standard Package:

(1) Two demolition moil tools

(2) Two In/Out hoses

(3) One Repair Seal Kits

(4) One tool Box

(5) One Gas Bottel

(6) One set gas charge kits


WJB Hydraulic demolition breaker warranty:

We offer one year quality warranty for all WJB hydraulic demolition hammer main parts, including the back head, front head, cylinder, piston...The wearing parts we also give 3 months for warranty.



Scope of application

Quick coupler, also known as quick change, is suitable for quickly installing and switching various configuration parts (bucket, ripper, breaker, hydraulic shear, etc.) on the excavator, expanding the scope of use of the excavator, saving time and improving work efficiency. Widely used in industrial and civil construction, pipeline laying, mining and loading and unloading.

Fully automatic safety system

Cab-mounted electronic drive system: Cost savings in production by replacing costly oil pressure with electricity. The operator can easily switch the connector on and off from the cab.

One-way check valve protection system: each oil cylinder is equipped with a safety check valve to ensure that the quick connector works normally when the oil circuit and circuit are cut off.

Safety pin protection system: According to the different parameters of each excavator, the safety protection is tailored for each excavator to ensure that the quick connector can still work normally in the event of a problem with the oil cylinder.

Overall Length(L)mm180~280400~450550~590610~650800~8601000~10501080~11501150~1300
Overall Height(H)mm190270310322426500540540
Overall Width(W)mm150~210220~280245~320300~380360~420480~560550~650600~680
Center Distance(C)mm85~180170~245245~300290~360350~420400~510500~600580~650
Arm Width(Wi)mm90~120110~160150~230220~280250~320300~390350~420400~450
Pin Diameter(D)φ25~3030~4040~5050~6060~7080~9090~110100~130

Oil flowL/min---10~2010~2010~2010~2010~2010~2010~20
Suitable Carrierton1~33~66~88~1515~1818~2525~3636~45


Hydraulic shears are suitable for various working environments, not only for demolition operations, such as chemical plants, steel mills and steel structure workshops, but also for the recovery of concrete materials. They are ideal demolition equipment. It is characterized by convenience and higher efficiency. When scrap steel is recycled and decomposed, large pieces of scrap steel are cut into pieces and packaged, which greatly improves work efficiency and avoids manual concerns. It is suitable for large and medium-sized scrap steel recycling stations and municipal demolition operations.


◆ The unique design and innovative way of hydraulic shears ensure operation and strong cutting force;

◆ Hydraulic shears can increase elongation by increasing the strength and adopting special jaw size and special blade design;

◆ The powerful hydraulic cylinder greatly strengthens the closing force of the jaws so that the hard steel can be cut;

◆ Made of high-grade steel, to ensure the strength of the tool and good wear resistance, the application time is longer;

◆ 360° rotation ensures accurate positioning of attachments;

◆ Hydraulic shears are suitable for all industrial scrap yards and can cut iron materials such as scrap cars, steel, tanks, pipes, etc.

ModelUnitWC 8WC 20WC 30
Suitable Carriert8-1018-2525-35
CR Type JawWeightkg84522502750
Opening Widthmm610820900
CP Type JawWeightkgo23002900
Opening Widthmmo730875
SH Type JawWeightkg81522502850
Opening Widthmm230445485
CC Type JawWeightkgo23002900
Opening Widthmmo700825


Scrap Grab is a picking device that automatically grabs materials. It is indispensable in various engineering loading and unloading. It can load and unload a large amount of bulk materials on the spot, such as production and domestic waste, scrap iron, scrap steel and other solid wastes to realize solid waste. The advantage of the rapid transfer and conversion of objects is that it completely replaces manpower to carry objects, and realizes the operation concept. It is widely used in loading and unloading operations in various departments such as railways, ports, wood production, and engineering construction.

Scrap Grab.jpg


◆ Using special steel, light in texture and high in wear resistance;

◆ The same level of gripping force, opening width, weight and performance;

◆Built-in high-pressure hose of the oil cylinder protects the hose;

◆ The oil cylinder is equipped with a buffer pad, which has the function of shock absorption.



Max jaw openingmm1750178019502180
Height of closed grapplemm1440154016501860
Set up pressurebar260260260260
Operating fluxlpm20-7060-12060-12060-120
Cylinder Volumelitre4006008001000
No. of jawpiece4-54-54-54-5
Suitable excavatorton5-1112-1818-2526-35

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